Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Vintage BrOdY Nursery: Bye Bye Beloved Dressing Room

So we are FINALLY making moves in starting Brody's nursery!  Step one (aka the hardest step of all) is closing up shop in the room that was my dressing room.  When Mike and I first bought our li'l love nest in our fav neighborhood right after we got married, we decided we would each get a room for ourselves instead of having extra bedrooms.  We thought for as often as we don't have out-of-town guests, when we do have them, we could put them in a still private area in the downstairs family room that has a comfy pull-out couch and adjacent bathroom all to themselves.  We figured we'd get a lot more daily use out of our own areas.  For Mike, that came in the form of an office in the spare room downstairs, and for moi, what other choice was there than to make the extra bedroom upstairs a closet?!

I know it's for a good cause (Brody Barnes, when you are old enough to read this, just remember who loves you more! Note: I also gave up my own en suite bathroom for your sweet cheeks!).  Nonetheless, it is so, SO hard to say goodbye!  In order to make this happen, we had to have 2 standard, builder grade (hanging rod with a shelf over) closets in the master bedrooms professionally redone.  We had a few companies come out and draw plans for us and ultimately went with Closets by Design.  It was by no means the more economical option (actually quite the opposite), but we figured this is something we are going to use everyday, and as I told Mike, this was investing in my sanity and thus our marriage (not that he needed convincing- I am totally the bargain hunter in this relationship)!  Annnnnd.... I hate it already.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great product.  But how was I ever going to love it going from an entire bedroom turned into a dressing room to a regular ol' closet?  This feels like poverty (I kid.. sort of).  I had to purge of LOTS of clothes, which was actually quite liberating for me, but I am still bursting at the seams with the new closet.  I'm sure it will be well worth it when we make more progress on the nursery.

Here are some pics of my beloved, to which I bid farewell:

The monogrammed parasol was from our wedding

My stuff included lots of handmade artifacts (like the silver frame here) made by one of my very talented besties, Athena (who is another one that I'm going to one day convince to at least have an Etsy shop), books, and some sweet greeting cards from amazing people that I couldn't bear to throw away.  They made me smile all the time and reminded me how lucky I am to have such awesome people in my life.  There's also little vintage touches that Athena and I scored from a day of antiquing like this old school iron.
The shelves housed my jewelry, and stuff to get ready like lotions, perfumes, etc., as well as more pics and books, gifts from friends (like the geisha doll from Okinawa), and more Athena artwork!  This piece with the awesome quote will actually be staying in Brody's nursery!
Think I'm going to stick with one curtain panel for B's nursery, and tie it back with something more masculine like a nautical rope; I used a sequin scarf on a sheer panel from Pier 1 here

Loved all the natural light from the window- I did my makeup right next to it in front of my wall o' mirrors ('cause I'm obvi the fairest of them all!) ;)

 used a towel rack to hang all my scarves from

Both clothes racks were from the Portis collection from Ikea.. score!

More pics and memorabilia from my Mardi Gras bachelorette party in Nola (and more fun cards from my sweets)

 wicker chair (pad here) for a little spot to sit (or throw clothes on while trying on!)
One of my favorite things was another sign made by Athena (she gave us all kinds of this goodness for our wedding and housewarming), hung next to my wedding shoes
mirror mirror on the wall, and a decorative hook from Pier 1 (similar here)

 Annnnd a lil peak inside the nursery (aka the silver lining)....

I didn't want a catalogue theme or anything too babyish.  I wanted decor on the masculine side that could grow with him.  I came up with just a "vintage boy" theme- not one thing in particular, but a mix of vintage sports stuff, aviation stuff, nautical stuff, toys, etc.   Here's some of what we have in the works to give you an idea!

Pinnochio puppet we picked up at a wood maker's shop in Greece this summer; vintage alarm clock; vintage model airplanes, red one here (these will be hung from the ceiling above the glider)

The inspiration for our dresser and changing table.  Det's on our ongoing DIY to come!

This vintagey crib is known as a Jenny Lind crib... Brody will have one in cherry just like this
distressed barn wood and Brody's name in rope will go behind his crib...

RH Baby "vintage airplane blueprint" sheets

RH Baby "vitage locomotive" sheets
vintage sailboat mobile

DIY pegboard organizer/art above the changing table

....And much more to come!  Think moody walls, faux taxidermy and hide, rugby stripes, mismatched monogrammed plaid throw pillows and blankets, maps, vintage pennants, industrial lighting, a chalkboard accent wall, etc.!  We're on a roll and can't wait to share our progress and see the final product!

Boy oh BOY, do I love ya, baby BB!!  

A little bitter, but a lot more sweet-