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Hello, World... I'm with child!

Announcing you're expecting isn't a simple conversation anymore.  From cute to downright funny, creative expectant parents have found ways to make announcing their pregnancy to their loved ones fun. We were recently able to announce that I've finally stopped drinking my first pregnancy and had a good time with it (see below).

Here are a few of my favorite pregnancy announcements.  As you'll see, none of these are particularly hard to pull off.  All you need is a friend with a camera or even just camera phone to snap the photo if you're both in it (if not, you can do it all by yourself); a baby daddy willing to give you a few minutes for a cheesy pic; and in some cases an easy photo app to add text.  Of course, I'm partial to the humorous ones, but I've included some of my fav cutesy ones, too...

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Hysterical twist on that one for twins...
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This older sibling/current tenant's face makes it!
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One of my best friends, Mary, is expecting, as well! Its so nice having a friend to go through pregnancy with.  We are two weeks apart in our pregnancies, but our expected due dates are only one day apart as her due date will likely be moved up because she's expecting TWINS!  She asked me to snap her pregnancy announcement/gender reveal shot for her.  She originally was going to do the standard "shoes" one (a pic of similar mommy, daddy, baby babIES shoes- we were going to do Converse sneakers), but when those became popular and were popping up more than once on our Facebook newsfeeds, we wanted to come up with something a little different.  We were choosing between a couple in the end... we liked this as an idea:

photo credit unknown
 1+3 (her and TWO babies in her belly!)=4 in her case, but with her holding two balloons (either pink or blue) so that it'd serve as a gender reveal also...

But we ultimately came up with this to announce her big news and reveal the gender of her twin boys:

For my and Mike's announcement, we were going to do something like the boots with Mom & Dad's birthday months and years on the bottom of their shoes and baby's due date on a mini pair of shoes above, but it was wet out the day our awesome neighbor was gonna snap the shot for us.  Being that I was feeling very first trimester-y and didn't want to get my bum all soggy by sitting on the wet ground, or even so much as change outfits after work, we called a last minute audible and decided to change it up and went with this:

I just love our pup, Chloe, in it- her expression is perfect!

 Our version was inspired by this:

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Right when I was at 12 weeks (which is when we were waiting to announce it until), we were leaving on a trip to Greece with all of my best girlfriends from high school for one of the girls' wedding.  I decided to surprise them with the news at the airport.... they'd for sure know something was up when we got on the plane and I wasn't joining them for a cocktail (or 6).  So, when we got through security and settled in at our gate, I told everyone I made them little goody bags for the plane and handed them these...

....little "I'm gonna pop!" treat bags.  At first everyone was all, "Of course you did Martha Stewart!" and "Awww, you're so sweet!" and one of the girls even looked at the ribbon and said, "Duckies?"  I gave them a second to read the tag (which said, "When we get on the plane, be sure to pop champagne.... 'cause I'm gonna pop!  Baby Barnes is due January 2014!"), and soon enough they got it  (sometimes ya just hafta give 'em a second!) and we were celebrating.  The "I'm gonna POP" treats for the flight inside the bag included snacks containing the word "pop," like: Blow Pops, Pop Tart minis, popcorn (I did Smartfood white cheddar popcorn- one of our faves from high school), Fun Dip bottle pops, Pop Rocks, and Push Pops.

I had one more special way to tell another one of my best friends, my boss, the big news!  He is an awesomely fun, proud Italian from Jersey, who has been wanting Mike and I to start having babies for longer than we have.  He and I are super close and he's always said how even though he wouldn't likely be the official Godfather, in his mind he always will be.  So I told him the news by giving him this, which I just made in a photo app on my phone (Photo Grid):

Fun pregnancy announcements are not only a great way to announce you're expecting, but they also make a great keepsake for the baby book!  How fun for your little one to one day be able to see how excited Mom & Dad once were when they found out they were having him/her (and seeing them skinny, well rested, and carefree before your arrival)?!

Do you have a great pregnancy announcement?  Share them with us!

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