Thursday, September 12, 2013


Well hullo there!

Welcome to simple/fancy/fun.... the place for all things that are just that- simple but fancy at the same time, and always fun! But wait... Simple/Fancy?  Isn't that an oxymoron, you ask? Not. at. all.  For, dear reader, 'tis precisely I.  

Allow me to explain: to some, the stuff in this blog (and in my everyday life) may seem simple; others may consider it fancy; and no matter what you call it, to me, it's always fun! Moreover, when I think about the people who this blog is for- the friends and family who inspire me- it's a mix of all kinds of people... some very simple, some super fancy, some in between, but all so fun (otherwise I wouldn't find them inspirational)!

So who the heck am I and what is S/F/F all about?

Not that its anything out of the ordinary, but like many of my peers, I went from being an egotistical, happy-go-lucky, overly carefree, confident to the point of nauseam, life of the party sorostitute sorority slut girl; to a paint the town red every night, superficial mover-and-shaker (but mostly in my own mind)-turned young professional; to a happily married expectant mother with a notable (if I do say so myself) 5 year (and counting...) stint as a marketing director on my resume. Not sure how it happened, but I've somehow become your housewife next door with a flair for throwing a rockin' party; building a pretty, cozy home; looking cute; galavanting this beautiful planet; delicious, gluttonous food made simple; a healthy dose of gossip and hot topics; simply living and loving out loud and always doing it up- all while keeping it simple/fancy/fun! I've got a little bit of all of that- everything thats really good in everyday life, and maybe a few 'deep thoughts' by yours truly- comin' straight atcha!  

Annnd... Why am I doing this this?

Anyone who knows me us (there is none of this without my darling, crazy, beautiful, stubborn, hardworking, supportive, hysterical partner-in-crime/baby daddy) knows that we've always got a whole lot going on.  This blog is for our family and friends (and anyone else who for some reason is interested) to share in the everyday stuff that makes growing up not only okay but awesome with me. I know it's cliche, but it's at the urge of people like the aforementioned crazy dude who for some reason believes that I'm "good at everything" (his words, not mine... but I'll take 'em!); as well as my awesome, encouraging (read: peer pressuring) friends who say I should "Pin" or sell everything I do, to which the marketing mind in me replies, "no point in pinning unless you have a blog!"  So here it is.  Enjoy, and THANKS for reading and more importantly, inspiring everything here and in me.

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