Monday, October 7, 2013

Clever Couple's Costumes for Halloweenie 2013!

Last year, I wasn't feeling Halloween so much. We were in Europe for the first half of October and I didn't feel like getting back and figuring out what we'd wear.  But we had a Halloween party to go to.  I distinctly remember being in Rome, telling Mike I was going to pick up ketchup and mustard costumes for us at the Kmart up the road when we got home.  Now I'm a WVU girl so costumes for me usually aren't nearly that covered up or gawd awful, but that's how I was feeling... I so didn't wanna be a trick nor a treat like I'm 22. So here's where I was...

Then, thankfully, I had a lightbulb go off.  Mike was all over it, not so keen on rockin' a big, red cylinder and cone head.  So I threw together this lil getup...

Allstate or Progressive?    
... sorry about the poor photo quality- didn't know I'd be blogging it!- but it's Mayhem and a version of Flo much more in line with my inner WVU girl. (*Note: see bottom of post for links and DIY instructions for these costumes)

This year, lucky for me with a growing belly, we don't have a Halloween party to go to.  Obviously, just in case though,  I was brainstorming and thought of a few fun couples costumes that'd work whether you're knocked up or not.

But first, sooo not preggo friendly, but I'm calling it... Most popular costume this year will be Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke....

Found a bunch of good "twerk" stuff available for pre-order at

You'd just hafta bring your own nasty, vile tongue.

On a classier note, you could be Juno and Paulie Bleeker (definitely not two things I ever would have thought I'd say to comprise one sentence... thank you, Miley)!

Juno stuff on Amazon:

...paired with a zip up hoodie, jeans with a skirt over 'em, and a messy ponytail for you; and yellow track shorts like these for your teenaged track running baby daddy.  Don't forget the Sunny D and orange tic-tacs.  You'll be "really cute for two ugly people!" ;)

And finally, who doesn't love A Christmas Story?!

This is another costume I found that I thought my baby bump would fit into, but would be a fun, unique couples costume for anyone, as well (disclaimer: I am aware I could be way off here as our family has a soft spot for this movie, and f'real celebrates Christmastime with a leg lamp in the window, but whatev, it's myyyy blog and me likey!) ;)
Anyway, the Christmas Story costumes:
available here
find it here 
get it here

Have fun out there, kids... I'll be stuffing my face with handing out mass amounts of candy in my sweatpants :)


*For Flow and Mayhem, I just bought a plain white apron at Michael's (similar here) and got iron-on transfers (like this) that I printed the Progressive logo (downloaded from here) on, and ironed to the apron.  I also ordered this name tag and button from Amazon.  ...Wore a blue ribbon tied into a headband, red lips, and white shorts and button down that I had.  For a more authentic (read: less slutty) Flo, you could just wear a white polo and pants/capris under the apron with converse sneakers. There's a super official Flo costume available on the Progressive website, complete with an apron, wig, headband, name tag, and pin/button. For Mayhem, Mike just wore a black suit and tie; I got him pink sweatbands and dumbbells (similar here and here); we used face paint and makeup to make him look disheveled, and put a little steri strip bandaid over his eyebrow.  So simple!

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