Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Surprise Street Style Feature

Gotcha, Girl!  Every so often on a 'Work It Wednesday' like today, I will be sharing a surprise street style feature where I see someone really doin' it right (without trying too hard... no one likes a chronic selfie overloader who feels the need to post every outfit they ever put on!) and ambush feature them doin' their thang S/F/F-style!

My first unsuspecting victim is a friend of mine from back in my nightlife days who popped up on my Facebook newsfeed with a few killer looks in a row.  Meet Amy... she's a tiny 34-year old firecracker with her own business as a high profile lifestyle manager.  She's got my kind of shopping sense- pieces from high end designers mixed with seasonal, on-trend looks from more affordable everyday retailers.

Look 1- Killer back jumper: black silk overalls and shoes from Zara

Look 2- Crop top done right: American Apparel sleeveless mock turtleneck crop top and black faux leather semi pleated skirt from Topshop; shoes by Valentino

Look 3- Effortlessly chic and sexy high slit jumpsuit: double slit pants jumpsuit from Forever 21,  shoes by Moschino

Shoes- Upper left- Zara, upper right- Moschino, lower middle- Valentino

S/F/F: How would you describe your personal style?
Amy: My personal style is usually slightly conservative with a touch of sex behind the fabric.  When you first look at the outfit- it looks plain.  Second time around- Oh! There's my leg or my back, or maybe a slight peek of my side breast (which are small, by the way, but whatever).  Hahaha.  I like simple.  Firm believer of "less is more."

S/F/F: What is your favorite store?
Amy:  I honestly don't have a favorite store.  I don't discriminate!  I can shop everyday all day anywhere. 

S/F/F: Can't live without piece?
Amy: A black camisole/tank.  I have a million of the same piece.  Okay, not a million but enough that it's quite embarrassing.  Sporty- casual- dressy- chic... it does it all.

S/F/F: Must have beauty product?
Amy: Sheesh.  I have a few.  First and foremost, Chapstick. I'm so not ashamed.  I will use that over lip gloss or lipstick any day.  Second, facial cleanser: SK II Facial Treatment Cleanser.  After face wash come moisturizer: Clinique Moisture Surge (great for combo/oily skin).  And finally, Christian Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil.

S/F/F: What outfit are you most comfortable wearing?
Amy: I'm most comfortable in any of my outfits.  That's the key!  If you're wearing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, then you're most likely wearing the wrong outfit for yourself. You always know when you look great because you feel great!

S/F/F: Favorite trend this season?
Amy: Favorite trend this season are bold patterned fabrics matched with a solid.  Also, geometric cut-out patterns of fabric.  Love the unevenness and edgy quality of this.

S/F/F: Biggest fashion pet peeve or "don't"?
Amy: Pet peeve of fashion: wear your correct size!  It truly makes all the difference.

S/F/F: Who is your style icon/inspiration?
Amy: My fashion inspiration is my aunt.  She's always done her own thing and worn her own style.  It works.  You don't like what she's wearing?  She doesn't care.  Gotta love that!

Keep doin' what you're doin', girl!


follow Amy on Instagram for a glimpse into her life and style: @stierasuta

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